What causes bleeding after a bowel movement?

Constipated? What's common is common. Thinking along these lines, we'd like to settle on a diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids. However, without the proper tools (a detailed history, a physical, a rectal scope), we could speculate diverticular disease, vascular malformations, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer. Please get this checked if it continues to persist. And soften your stools if applicable.

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What causes vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement and when should it be taken seriously?

Not normal. Vaginal bleeding when you are not on your menstrual cycle is not normal. If it is after a bowel movement, there could be a GI cause as well. See your doctor for evaluation.
Bleeding. You should see a doctor. Sometimes after bowell movement you can see some blood on your underwear and think is vaginal, when in reality is rectal bleeding. This is seen mostly in constipation. Either way go and get checked by a professional.

What would cause vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement?

Needs to be checked. You may feel that bood is coming out og vagina in some cases when in reality it is fom the rectum like in hemorrhoids but if you are completely sure it is coming from the vagina it needs to be checked by your doctor. It may be from 1vaginal cyst 2endometriosis 3disease of cervix I will sugest in any case get it checked by your doctor.

Why does a large hard bowel movement cause bleeding?

Hemorrhoid/fissure. As the stool passes through the rectum and the anus, it can irritate internal hemorrhoids if they are present, or create a 'cut' in the lining of the anus, called a fissure. Both can bleed, and be precipitated by passage of a large hard stool.

What causes bright red bleeding during a bowel movement?

Pain vs no pain? . Bleeding with bm and if associated with much pain, likely anal fissure and/or external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoid usually does not hurt and blood is often found coating the stool rather than mixing with it. Better safe than sorry, check with your doc to see what you have. External hemorrhoids and fissures r pain in the _ _ _ but not dangerous, and can be treated. Good luck.

Over time does struggling to have a bowel movement cause rectal bleeding?

Probably. Very often straining during bowel movements can lead to flaring up of hemorrhoids or even small tears called fissures, both of which can bleed. But rectal bleeding should always be checked out thoroughly for other more serious possibilities.
Straining. Can cause hemorrhoidal swelling or if the stool is dry and hard can cause a tear or fissure, both of which can lead to bleeding. Remember, no amount of bleeding is normal! Get a thorough evaluation to make sure the constipation and bleeding is not due to some other more significant problem.

Itching in rectum cause, no pain and no bleeding while bowel movement?

Common. Itching is common. It might represent simple hemorrhoids or just the common itch that many people get. It is useful to use wet wipes after a bowel movement, followed by gentle use of toilet paper. You might experiment with your diet. Patients have cut certain foods out and it has stopped. Coffee may be a problem. If bleeding does occur, see your doctor. There are anti-itch hemorrhoid creams.

Had an external hemorrhoid burst this morning, bleeding has stopped. Afraid that tomorrow's bowel movement will cause it to bleed again. What to do to minimize potential bleeding? Have to go daily :)

External hemorrhoids. Please take stool softner to decrease constipation, which will minimize the rectal bleeding. Also, keep the are clean and avoid any moisture formation. If your symptoms still persist, specially pain or bleeding, it's time to see a colo-rectal surgeon for hemorroidectomy. Good luck!
Fiber. Increase fiber in diet or take fiber supplement (e.g. Metamucil). Increased fiber intake has been shown to decrease hemorrhoidal bleeding after 2 weeks. I don't think anything is going to work by tomorrow, but do avoid constipation and straining. Drink plenty of water. Good luck.
Care of hemorrhoids. Home therapy for hemorrhoids: bowel regimen (fiber, stool softeners, water, juice probiotics, laxatives to achieve two soft bowel movements daily), salves (prep h, desitin, (zinc oxide diaper cream) anti fungals), and hygiene (shower, hair dryer area daily). If this therapy fails to control hemorrhoids, then go see your doc. There are more medical therapies and safe surgical procedures.

Why would a couple of doses of tripple bufferred aspririn always cause a couple of days of bleeding with bowel movements (long history of this)?

Live and learn... Your "long history of this" repeatedly proves the point that Aspirin is a platelet inhibitor that promotes bleeding. The question is not will you bleed by taking "a couple of doses" of Aspirin but from where do you repeatedly bleed? There are many benign and malignant causes of bleeding that Aspirin can promote. Please don't delay further getting evaluated--go see your doctor this week.