What checkups are recommended for men when they turn 40?

Vaccines too. In addition to the blood pressure and cholesterol checks, checks for alcohol or weight problems, and depression already mentioned, several vaccines are needed, including tetanus with pertussis (tdap), flu, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and chicken pox vaccines. For detailed and reliable lists of what is needed for all adults, check out the iphone / ipad app prevention checklist 2013.
The usual...plus. Annual checkups are recommended, and the american urological association guidelines recommend a baseline psa screening and digital rectal exam beginning at age 40 to screen for prostate cancer.
See guidelines. For men in their 40s, it's good to have a blood pressure check at least every 2 years and more often if blood pressure is over 135/85. Do a diabetes screen if you have blood pressure over 135/85. Check cholesterol regularly and at a younger age if you are at increased risk of heart disease. Always talk to your doctor about weight, alcohol, smoking and depression. Hiv and syphillis if at risk.