Have plantar wart on foot, going to dr. For removal but am pregnant. Ok to proceed?

If non surg ok. There are many treatments for plantar warts from topical (acids) to freezing. These are non systemic and highly unlikely to effect the fetus. No elective medications are recommended during pregnancy other than for life threatening illnesses. Consult your obstetrician for approval.
Check with your ob. Ob gyns differ in terms of treating non emergent conditions, like a plantar wart. Before seeing the doctor to treat the wart, i advise you call and check with your obgyn.
I would not. Wait till another time. There is always a risk of possible infection. This is elective surgery and in my opinion should not be done while pregnant.

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Had plantar wart on bottom of foot. Used dr. Schols. Now doesn't look active but skin is hard and looks dead. I shave it down but comes back the same?

? Wart on Foot. Most foot and/or skin specialists can confirm this to be wart in their offices (via exam or biopsy) and then treat this in the office with medicines unavailable to the public and/or in the operating room for excision, laser, etc. Read more...

I have a plantar wart on my right foot, would white vinegar be a safe solution?

Don't know. There are testimonials that this can be effective - but I am not aware of any research on the matter. Mayo clinic notes three alternative tx’s that purportedly might help: Sliver nitrate, Zinc and smoke box. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/plantar-warts/basics/alternative-medicine/con-20025706. Read more...
Apple Cider Vinegar. Would be a better choice, but it depends on the size of the wart and if it truly is a plantar wart. If you want you can make an appointment and submit a photo to have it evaluated. I'm am available all day to help. Thanks for using HealthTap! Read more...