I have chronic migraines, neck pain, hear my heartbeat loud in my ears. I'm on 2 meds (anti seizure, anti depress.) I also have ear discomfort, why?

Treat the neck. 85% of all headaches come from neck problems. Many people need to treat the neck issues to improve the headache patterns. You might need injections of the cervical facet joints (joints of the neck vertebrae) to decrease the neck pain and related headaches. Many patients will need treatment of the connecting soft tissues in the back of your head where the neck connects with the base of the skull.
Migraine can do it. Migraine is a complicated entity and is multifactorial in nature. May present is many different ways but signs and symptoms related to ears is not very common. Migraine pain can release endogenous hormones which may produce s&s related to ears. If these ear s&s are relieved with the relief of headache, then they are secondary to migraine symptomatalogy. Severe anxiety during migraine can also.
Visit this link... http://www.therapeuticsolutionsint.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49:the-migraine-menders&catid=18:press-room&itemid=130 many reasons for headaches. Discuss this option with the doctor that treats your headaches.