I had a hysterectomy and I'm currently taking estradiol. I gained an extremely amount of weight. What can I do to lose weight. Is the estradiol the ca?

Wt gain. Some people develop a stronger appetite when they take hormones. Also, there are other hormones such as thyroid, testosterone and Progesterone that if out of balance can make wt loss difficult. Nutrition however is number one. Check hormone balance, stop Phentermine as it doesnt work once you stop it. Plus when you skip meals because of the phentermine, you lose muscle more than body fat.
The most important.. Oral Estradiol or Conjugated Estrogens will raise thyroid binding globulin and tilt anyone into a hypothyroid state who has hashimoto's thyroiditis, but may not have been hypothyroid at the time. I see this done weekly in my practice and am appalled that thyroid status before and after hrt is not done. The effect is much less with transdermal estrogen since you bypass the liver!