Can you stay on nicotine gum for a long time?

Better than smoking. Nicotine gum does not increase your risk for cancer. But nicotine can increase your blood pressure. If you look at the big picture, it would be healthier choice to stay on nicotine gum instead of smoking though. Remember your support. Check out phone help at 1-800-quitnow, texting support, and more at www.Smokefree.Gov congrats on making great changes!
YES but shouldn't. It is sometimes necessary to utilize nicotine gum chronically. It should be noted that you can get addicted to nicotine gum itself - with health risks. On the other hand, congratulations on quitting smoking (or chewing). A taper to discontinue the gum can be arranged for. Any concerns could be shared with your md - including fears of nicotine withdrawal, underlying anxiety, add, or depression.
Can or Should? The question isn't can you, the question is should you. Nicotine gum does help with the withdrawal from nicotine, and it can help you stop smoking. But nicotine is a drug, and it does have adverse effects, like raising blood pressure and heart rate. I would recommend that, once you're off the smokes for 2 - 4 weeks, you start tapering the dose of the nicotine.

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Can nicotine gum be harmful if used for a long time? Any help appreciated!

Much less than. smoking tobacco. Nicotine is thought to be the culprit behind cardiovascular disease in smokers, so taking in nicotine by any route, whether nicotine in combusted tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco or nicotine gum, patches, lozenges etc., over a long period of time, could have some risks. However, it is almost certainly less harmful than continuing to smoke cigarettes. Read more...