What age can you give babies juice?

Too much sugar! Instead of giving juice, try giving water instead. Juices tend to be loaded with sugar, which isn't good for babies (or anyone). Of course, breast milk is the best food for babies. Formula is also good should you choose not to breastfeed. For babies under 6 months, neither juice nor water are needed unless a doctor says to try juice for constipation or another medical reason.
Never. 100% pure, unsweetened juice is 100% pure garbage. Unsweetened apple juice has as much or more sugar than cola! when you juice a fruit, you remove the fiber and the vitamins and leave sugar and water. If you want the benefit of an apple, one of the most nutrition packed fruits you can get, give your kid an apple, not apple juice. Would you give your child bottles of pepsi all day long?
Fruit Juice. It is recommended not to serve infants juices until they are after 8 months of age. It is not recommended to give orange juice. Juices should be given by cup and are not a substitute for milk. Strained fruits and vegetables are started at 6 to 8 months.