What are signs of being a sex addict?

TROUBLE. If the behavior causes you trouble in your life but you cant/wont/dont want to stop: -takes a lot of your time getting it or thinking about it or -problems with work/family or -legal problems then it's an addiction.
Not a true diagnosis. 'sex addiction' is not a formal disorder in the dsm-- the classification manual that psychiatrists use. But as commonly used, sexual behavior crosses from 'active' to 'addiction' when it interferes with your life, or with someone else. If you are not hurting anyone, and your behavior does not place you at risk or cause distress, it would not be 'addiction' by the standards of other addictions.
Sex Addiction. Symptoms include:being unable to stop thinking about sex ;needing to have sex more and more often;trying and failing to control, cut back, or stop having sex; feeling restless or in a bad mood when trying to control sexual urges; having school, job, or relationship problems because of sex. Out of control repetitive behaviors:masturbation, extramarital affairs, pornography, cyber sex.
Dysfunctional. If your drive to have sex is: out of relationship, or gets in the way of more important activities, or, you think there are no more important activities, or causes you any other sort of physical, social, or medical difficulties, or puts you in medical, social, or physical danger: might be.