Stomach is making noises and I keep vomiting. What do I do?

See your doc. How long has this been going on? Got pain? Fever? Don't know your past med or surgical history. Could be do to infection, gallbladder, stomach or duodenal inflammation, ulcers, celiac sprue, bowel obstruction, pregnancy, meds, etc. See your doc . Pain, fever, bleeding, prolonged-er.
You go to the ER. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance could result in a serious problem. Seek medical attention soon. You may have something as simple as a GI virus and as serious as a bowel obstruction.
Stomach discomfort. You need to have an evaluation by a primary care physician. If the vomiting is persistent and your urine is dark or diminished, you need to go to the emergency room, .
See your PCP. Go see your primary care doctor to have it evaluated. It's probably nothing serious, but it needs to be evaluated if it goes on for a while. If they can't find an answer, they may refer you to a GI specialist...But that's down the road. Emergent evaluation is needed for blood from either end, significant abdominal pain, or rigidity of the stomach.