I had surgery 2 weeks ago, I had 1ovary removed, endometriosis, a lot of scarred tissues, can't concieve without vitro is it poss to have ovulate symptoms?

Endo and Ovulation. Endometriosis does not stop ovulation. Most of your fertility is because of the scar tissue. Removing an ovary also means that you lost 50% of the eggs. That means your fertility potential is lower and probably earlier menopause. Get amh & FSH levels and see an ivf specialist soon to understand your options better. Delay could mean lower ivf success. Good luck.
Yes. Endometriosis decreases egg quality and increases pelvic adhesions. Surgery for endometriosis is notorious to decrease egg number (you lost an ovary). All of these together make it very difficult to conceive naturally in your situation. Because you have your other ovary, you should still be able to ovulate and therefore may experience ovulatory symptoms.