Unprotected sex, 30th of march, period due april 14th. Normally on time. Low back pain, cramps, tiredness& diarrhoea. Negative test? Possible pregnancy?

Anything's possible. Why are you having sex at your age, and why are you having unprotected sex? Two things happen to young girls who have unprotected sex -- unwanted pregnancy and std's. Which do you want? You're liable to get both. Grow up, fast.

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Three days late for period had unprotected sex but had dull cramps and lower back pain but nothing? Could it be starting

You have to wait. and see what happens. If you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. You could have an early pregnancy and miscarriage at the time of your normal period and never really know you were pregnant. It is always hard to predict the future, sometimes you have to just wait and see. Read more...

Unprotected sex 3weeks ago. Period came 6days early. I've had a lot of back pain, lower back pain. Emotional, tired and heavy breast. Signs of pregnancy?

Might be. Try hpt, it's not impossible. If (-), then should see dr for good history/exam to see if other condition (endocrine/infectious/psych/other) causing your symptoms. Read more...