I've had 2 blighted ovums. Will I have pregnancy complications next time?

Blighted Ovums. Blighted ovum is emotionally tough but they are also extremely common. About 40% of human pregnancies are blighted ovums. We do not think they are the same as a miscarriage that occurs later. You will get different opinions on what to do. I believe that you have a great chance for normal pg. An evaluation can cost $1000s so probably try again with 70-75% chance of delivery. Best wishes.
RPL & PG Comp. Technically, rpl is when a woman has 3 miscarriages but we find the chance of problems after 2 losses. You should have an eval but beware that 50% have no diagnosis. I suggest get genetics of pg tissue if another loss. Rpl patients do have high risk pg when they finally succeed, so have your OB watch carefully.
No. The fact that you had 2 blighted ovums should not have a direct impact on a future pregnancy. However, a small number of patients with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss may have genetic, structural or hormonal issues that can impact future pregnancies as well.