I have a hard time falling asleep, only sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours then im back up and can't go back to sleep? I need help!

See a psychiatrist. Your type of insomnia could be due to any number of causes, but the most likely cause is depression, which is associated with depressed mood, low energy, poor concentration, decreased interest in usually pleasurable activities, appetite changes, and possibly suicidal ideation. Mixed episodes in bipolar disorder sometimes present similarly and with insomnia as a major symptom. See a psychiatrist.
Adrenal fatigue. It is possible that your adrenal glands (which produce cortisol -- the stress hormone) are dysregulated -- a reversible condition sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue. When you have abnormal levels of cortisol, your sleep-wake cycle can be disrupted. Perhaps you could speak to your pcp about saliva / urine tests to "monitor" the cortisol levels in your body over the course of 24 hours.
CANT SLEEP. Insomnia has been increasing in prevalence in this country probably due increase detection and more self awareness by patients. The most common elements that we overlook in causes include the energy drinks with natural or synthetic stimulants that can stay in the body for more than 5 hours. The increase use of energy drinks also contain potassium which can raise your pulse and provoke and anxiety.