What can you do to detox off of vicidon?

Seek medical support. Your doctor or specialist maybe able to help, other medication can be of assistance, what's important to also know is are your addicted to it or have you been on it a while and just physically dependent on it? The treatment would depend on this. Regardless it is a much more managable task when you seek professional help and support.
Vicodin Detox. Vicodin is a prescription pain killer from the opiate family of drugs. Similar drugs include morphine, codiene, percocet, Oxycontin and oxycodone. For some patients, use can lead to addiction. Detox may be attempted "cold turkey", but failure and relapse are high. Detox is most successful in an inpatient program or with anesthesia assisted rapid detox. Avoid being placed on Methadone or suboxone.
How to detox-vicodan. Be careful. You need professional help to safely detox off of vicodan. Call your doctor to help you find the right help for you. Do not try to do this on your own as many bad things can happen to you.