I just recently had bacterial vaginosis how does one get that? Also I have painful red bumps that come and go but herpes tests are negative?

Abnormal bacteria. Bv is a result of abnormal growth of a bacteria that is normally present in lower concentrations in the vagina. It is associated with increased sexual partners (but its not a std!), steroid use, etc. Painful red bumps can be many things. See your ob-gyn to get it evaluated.
Causes of BV... ...are not known. Many cases are triggered by STDs, especially gonorrhea and chlamydia, so be sure you are tested. BV is often triggered by sex; after treatment, consistent condom use may help prevent recurrence. Red bumps probably are a separate problem; guessing at causes requires more detail about the bumps, location, recurrence pattern, etc. HSV tests miss some herpes infections.