Irritability cough and a runny nose in an infant?

Depends on . . . Babies ages 3-12 months can easily catch colds from other people. If there is just a runny nose, without much fussiness, without any high fever, without other worrisome symptoms, then parents can leave the nose alone. If the mucous is blocking the nose somewhat, try a few drops of saline, followed by gentle suctioning with a suction bulb. A doctor should examine younger or more symptomatic babies.
Likely viral. But any infant who has those symptoms should be examined by his/her pediatrician.

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9mo baby has runny nose, fever, irritable/fussy with a wheezing type cough. Is this just a cold or should I be concerned. Also has been diag. W/ reflux?

Fever & cough. You baby's symptoms may just be a cold but the fact that he has acid reflux and is also irritable, fussy and wheezing makes me more concerned. Please have him checked by the pediatrician today to rule out any bacterial infection. Read more...

My 7 Month old baby boy has a sore throat, cough, runny nose, he's grumpy, finds it hard to keep bottles down, any suggestions?

Infancy Colds - Fill all your bottles with 2 oz of pedialyte-equivalent. Offer one every half hour and allow the baby to refuse. Run a humidifier or vaporizer to add moisture to the air. Cancel any other plans and snuggle with good hand washing reminders for all care-givers. Rest It's no fun to have an infant with what sounds like a viral infection, but ... they usually pass quickly with supportive measures. Read more...