Lower my tryglicerides?

Dietary changes . Agree with dr garnier- you may beed to discuss meds with your dr. But also cut down on carbohydrates and alcohol, as both can increase your triglycerides. Discuss with your dr screening for diabetes, as high triglycerides are frequently seen in people with uncontrolled blood sugars.
Diet,supplements. Triglycerides are a different kind of "fat" from cholesterol, and it depends on how high your triglycerides are as to what you need to do. Very high triglycerides increase your risk of not only heart disease, but pancreatitis. Watching your fats, adding omege 3 oils, either as fish oil or flaxseed, can help. There are prescription medications also that can help. Discuss with your doctor how high.

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How can I lower my tryglicerides?

Low Carb and Omega-3. Triglyceride is the reserve form of fat and in high level increases risk of heart disease, pancreatitis, etc. The best way to reduce it is by lowering processed starch, sugar as well as saturated, animal based fat. Taking high quality omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil, flax seed oil, krill oil) is also a must to reduce your triglyceride levels. Read more...
Here are some tips: If you drink alcohol, cut down or stop. Watch your intake of junk foods, and concentrate on a protein and fiber-rich diet with plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. Keep your diet low in saturated fats as well. Ask your doctor about medications that reduce triglycerides, and remember that you should be fasting (no food for 8-12 hrs) to get an accurate triglyceride reading. Good luck. Lgromkomd. Read more...