Removal of tonsil stones from vallecula?

Not from vallecula. The vallecula is a gutter between the epiglottis and base of tongue that is covered with the lingual tonsils. The palatine tonsils sit just lateral to, the vallecula. Tonsil stones are usually from actinomyces bacteria from the mouth that get into crypts in the tonsils and could spill into the vallecula. Normal swallowing should be able to clear the vallecula.

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Help docs, is getting rid of tonsil stones worth the removal of the tonsils?

Maybe. Tonsil stones are just particles of food and mucous that have been pushed into the crypts or infolds of the tonsils during the act of swallowing. They are harmless and common. If the problem is associated with chronic pain, halitosis or infection then it may be worth it to you to undergo tonsillectomy. Read more...