What causes a throbbing headache, ?

Blood pumping. The throbbing in headaches (typically migraines) is generally thought to be caused by excessive blood being pumped into the area. At one time, these headaches were called "vascular headaches" for this reason. There are many other possible causes including high blood pressure and increased intracranial pressure, which are much more ominous. Best to see your doctor for a checkup.
Variable. There are many causes of headache, including migraine, muscle contraction headaches, cluster headaches, vascular headaches, and very rarely true infectious sinusitis. However, if this problem is frequent and disabling, the rare possibility of an intra-cranial mass must be ruled out. You need to see a neurologist and perhaps a cat scan or MRI of the brain needs to be performed.

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What causes bad throbbing headaches and neckpain?

HEADACHES. Migraine headaches are severe, throbbing, with aura and visual sx. Basilar artery migraine has neckpain, vertigo, ataxia and sensory disturbanses.

What can cause spontaneous throbbing headache on the left side of the back of my head?

Many causes. There are many possible reasons for the headache you describe. Please see a neurologist if you have not done so. Also, check out a meditation called the relaxation response by a cardiologist named herbert benson.

What can cause throbbing headache on right side and gum line top and bottom also right side?

Needs evalutation. Your headache may or may not be related to the issues in your mouth. First step is to have your dentist determine if one or more teeth may be the cause of your discomfort. Then, if it is not dental in origin, see your primary care physician. There are too many factors that can cause headaches and you must follow through with professional help.

What causes throbbing headaches?

Many causes. Following are some of common causes of throbbing headaches 1migraine 2cluster headaches 3hangover 4menstrual or hormonal headaches 5aneurysm in brain 6 brain tumors 7head injury 8brain hemorrhage which is life threatening and an emergency 8meningits.

What is the cause of throbbing headache which I always have?

Many. Headaches could be coming from tension, eye strain, tooth grinding, dehydration, lack of sleep/poor sleep, skipping meals, stress, sleep apnea/snoring, or chronic sinus problems.

What can cause throbbing/pulsating unilateral headaches with only sensitivity to movement, some smell sensitivity. No phonophobia or sound phobia. Is it possible to still be a migraine?

Comments. Sounds most likely consistent with migraine. If you need more help, try Virtual Consult or Concierge.
Can be that or. Other things too. Look for the source of your migraine to make sure you eliminate triggers, which can be dietary too like proteins from cheese, wine, other foods that you can be tested for by your PCP. Also vascular and musculoskeletal causes can add to this unilateral picture. It can be a stress tension headache vs. Migraine as well. Consider all causes.
Yep. Migraines. Present with a full range of Sx's, some of which you just described. Each person can have one or many of a basket of possible Sx's, ranging from aches (anywhere on the head), sensitivities to light, sound, movement, heat, pressure, etc. Migraines can happen in any part of the body--they are just experienced differently. Go to a neurologist for this one.
Yes. It can still be a migraine. See a neurologist to determine cause and treatment plan. Certain types of Biofeedback are very effective for migraines. Learning to manage your stress so that it does not generate a headache can also help. You might try meditation.

What could be causing severe throbbing headaches 3-4 times a week or more?

Headaches. Causes are varied and diverse, you ned a thorough exam, it can be tension, migraines and other anomalies, cannot tell wothout more details and examination.

What could be causing the throbbing headaches on the left side of my head after doing something physical?

Neurosurgeon. Headache after or during exercise is a serious symptom that can be totally avoided. If you check with the specialist, first before you exercise next time. Some of the brain anuerysms can cause headache and they are treatable..