Can arthroscopic knee surgery correct fracture of femoral condyle?

Can assist. Certain fracture patterns of the femoral condyle can be assisted by using arthroscopy. It can judge whether out not the fracture is significantly displaced or if there is an associate cartilage damage. Some fractures can be percutaneusly resuced and screws place tohold the fragments in place and not require an open procedure.

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When someone has arthroscopic knee surgery does the surgeon look under the kneecap?

Standard arthroscopy. It would be standard practice to examine the medial, lateral compartment of the knee as well as the patellofemoral compartment, or under the kneecap during every arthroscopic procedure. Read more...

I play football. What can I expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Physical therapy ++. You'll certainly need to build up the muscles that attach to the knee (quads, hamstrings, calf muscles etc), and do a lot of specified therapy by a well trained sports physical therapist. But when, or if, you should go back to playing football will be related to what type of football, what level of play, what procedure u had, how well u recovered: in other words, what the 'orthopod' says. Read more...