How to prevent newborn from vomiting/spittin up?

Vomiting. Spitting up a little bit with burping is normal, but vomiting of entire feeding or projectile vomiting is not & requires immediate medical attention by the pediatrician or ER. Always burp the baby several times during feeding, hold the baby up for few minutes & gently tap or rub his back until he burps, avoid over feeding & don't feed too soon or every time the baby cries. Good luc.
Safest Methods. Recent studies suggest reflux meds are often prescribed too early/often. Initially try safe reflux precautions: elevate head of bed, don't overfeed-and possibly consider smaller volume feeds more frequently, thicken formula by adding 1/4 less water to powder formula mix, avoid aggressive burping, feed and keep more upright 30 min after feeds. See md if pain, not feeding and not gaining weight.