What are the biggest risks to a male child who has growing diagnosis of tourets, ocd, odd, disturbance of conduct, anxiety. Do?

A good doctor. A board certified child psychiatrist would be the best one to help sort out the various conditions you mentioned. I would tackle first the one which is the greatest problem at the present time. Good luck.
He may have them all. Tourette's disorder often is associated with the range of other diagnoses that you describe, along with adhd. In terms of biggest risk and hardest to treat, odd and conduct disorder lead the list, especially as kids enter their teen years. Complex, multiple disorders typical require a team effort and rarely if ever respond just to medications.
Multiple. The risks are different at different ages. As your child becomes an adolescent, I would be concerned about the risk for substance abuse and hanging with the wrong crowd. Your kid may be watching too much violent tv or video games and if so, that could be problematic and contribute to disruptive behaviors.
Inadequate diagnosis. If this child is racking up the diagnoses, he is probably misdiagnosed and you need to see someone with grweater or broader expertise.
Losing hope. Tourettes often has associated ocd, adhd and of course tics. Aggressive treatment with antipsychotics, alpha-adrenergic agonists, or stimulants can provide dramatic results. The odd is possibly due to the aforementioned not being effectively addressed. Antipsychotics can cause akathisia which could manifest as agitation or extreme restlessness. One might consider neuropscyh testing, rule out ld.
Complicated. This is a very complicated case and I'm sorry it can't be explained within our word limit. Please consult your primary care physician for a complete explanation of your problem.