Is it ok to take borage oil pills to induce labor?

I wouldnt. I never recommend anything to induce labor unless it is in a more controlled environment. Letting your labor naturally start is always safer for you and your baby. Unless of course, you are going too far past your due date. I wouldnt take a chance with over the counter products to induce labor, .

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How much castor oil do I need to take to induce labor? I will be 41 weeks in 2 days.

I would not.... use castor oil as a natural induction method. There are other natural induction methods that can be discussed with your physician. Castor oil can lead to dehydration from the diarrhea it can produce. There are other, safer methods. . Read more...

What are the risks of taking caster oil to help induce labor?

Don't do it! Unapproved indication in pregnancy, could stimulate forceful contractions and dehydration from diarrhea, a combination likely to lead to fetal asphyxia and death. Use of castor oil as a laxative during pregnancy should be avoided. Read more...