What is a good healthy diet for someone with crohn's?

Healthy eating. Many diets have been tested for crohn's, but there is no evidence to support any particular diet. However, some with crohn's develop intestinal strictures or narrowing. If you do, a low roughage diet is important because undigested food like corn kernels or celery strings can get trapped in a stricture and cause pain or a blockage. Some also malabsorb specific nutrients so check with your doctor.

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What is a good, healthy diet for someone with crohn's?

Depends. On disease activity, location of disease and complications (ie strictures). A well balanced diet is high recommended; but depending on your disease you may have difficulty tolerating large amounts of fiber. Read more...

Can you take phenteremine to control appetite while on Crohn's? On before to help avoid over eating and it helped with my healthy diet.

Yes, if. A major study published this year recommends addition of a weight-loss drug including phentermine to weight-loss regimens for people who are not able to maintain weight loss with healthy eating and exercise alone. If there is no family history of glaucoma and you have controlled hypertension it is OK, unless there is a drug interaction with any medicine you may be taking. you must check. Read more...