How can you diagnose nonpolyposis colorectal cancer discovered if there are no polyps to detect during sigmoi/colonoscopy?

See below. Nonpolyposis cancer is an hereditary cancer. If your family has this then you need colonoscopies frequenstly i would have them evey 1-2 years because if and when you get a polyp it will then become a cancer.

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Can you have colorectal cancer w/o polyps? Can colorectal cancer grow where it cannot be seen by colonoscopy? If yes, How are these diagnosed?

Possible bt unlikely. Dear Brand: Most colon cancers are visible with a colonoscopy either as a polyp or as a mass of some sort. However, there are some that are just not in the colon and only show up somewhere else like the liver. While this is certainly possible it is rare and it is typically found with a CT scan done for some other reason. But this is definitely not common. Hope this helps. All the best, Ariel. Read more...