What homeopathic remedy is there for cough or bronchitis?

Cough & homeopathy. Acute cough can respond to correctly prescribed homeopathic remedies; there are hundreds. Here are a few: bryonia alba: cough develops over 2-3 days, & is dry, hard, & painful. Worse from any movement. Drosera: violent fits of hard coughing with choking -- can barely breathe when coughing. Coccus cacti: cough w/choking on thick, stringy mucus. Constant clearing the throat; worse w/cold drinks.
Lots of them. Hydrate well. Consider using a warm air vaporizer. Mix several teaspoons of honey into herbal tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. Or make tea with 2 tsp of marshmallow root bark per 1cup of hot water (steep in a covered pot for at least 5 minutes). Drink several times a day or as needed to relieve coughing. See a physician if your cough is not resolving, difficulty breathing or temp > 104.