What can I use that is over-the-counter to rid belly fat?

Healthy Lifestyle. There are no pills that will get rid of belly fat. A healthy lifestyle will. Eating nutritious food, consuming less calories than you burn & exercise will help you lose weight. You also cannot target weight loss to one area, like your stomach. Ab exercises will help build muscle & more muscle requires more calories, so you burn more. In the end, it's all about calories in vs calories burned.
Jump over the counte. Jumping over the counter, several times and several times a day will cure the belly fat! couldn't resist! there really is no magic bullet to get rid of belly fat over the counter. Think of it, the inventor would be the richest man in the world! the otc cure is diet and exercise. If you can, get a personal trainer or see if you can ask someone to help you who is knowlegeable in exercise.
Dietary changes. Belly fat is most responsive to changes in your diet. Specifically, reducing the amount of starchy carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, and refined or processed grains will help you lose the fat in your abdominal area. You also need to eat fewer calories than needed in order to lose weight. Focus on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and you will see a reduction in belly fat.