What do I have? Sore throat, ache, threw up.

Viral syndrome. Typical viral infection.
Sounds Viral. This sounds viral. For people in your situation I recommend to concentrate on staying hyrdated, look into a combination otc product such as theraflu or tylenol (acetaminophen) cold and sinus. If your symptoms worsen, or if they dont get better after a week, you should see your md.

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What do I have? Sore throat sneezing runny nose some flem and pin whole like holes in the back of my throat and on the sides of my mouth near the back

See your doctor. You may very well need a prescription medication, it looks like an infection, could still be viral, but you need to be seen, meanwhile use saline nasal washes and salt water gargles, good luck.

What do I have? Sore throat, runny nose, sneezing a lot flem in my throat and looks like almost pin hole like holes on my side/back of mouth near tonsils

A cold? Sounds like a viral infection associated with tonsil enlargement showing up holes on it. If the problem worsens or lasts more than 10 days, see doctor.
Sinus infection. Sounds like you have a sinus infection but you should be examined as allergies and a cold can mimic a sinus infection as well.

I am 5-6 weeks pregmant and I have sore throat what kind of antibootic should I take?

Perhaps none. The only sore throat for which antibiotics are needed is strep. This can be diagnosed easily by your pcp and is treated with penicillin which should have no negative effects on your baby.

I have sore throat and I'm very tired. I have been taking meds but it seems that they're not working.

Sore throat & tired. Check back with the doctor who prescribed the meds. He/She knows your medical history and has examined you. If you are self-medicating, make an appointment to see your doctor. It is flu season and you should not wait.

If I have sore throat and feel rough should I go too work that is physically demanding or call in sick?

Well. My dear if you feel ill chances are you will make yourself worse if you push yourself to much. You probably should see the doctor for most likely you will need a medical note also the doctor can help you.

I had a cold last week and now I have sore throat again is this another cold or residue from last weeks?

Viral infection. A cold followed by a sore throat in a week is most likely the same virus that started with a cold a week ago. You do not need an antibiotic. Fluids, supportive treatment and time. If you are getting worse after 10 days, see your physician.

I have sore throat on my right side for about a month now, it goes away but returns when I eat anything spicy.?

GERD. A common cause of persistent sore throat is gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you tend to sleep on your r side, the pain can be r sided. See an ENT doctor.