Hernia repair in 2008, exteeme pain year after open exploratipn in may 2011 by hernia specialist, just more pain oxy 30 no relief anymore. Please help?

Nerve damage. Unfortunately chronic pain after hernia repair is quite common. Most probably one of the groin nerves has been damaged. Pain specialist can perform ultrasound guided nerve block to diagnose which nerve is affected if pain goes away either surgical complete cut of the nerve or implantation of nerve stimulator may help.
Difficult situation. Post hernia pain syndrome is a very difficult problem. Often, it is a result of a poor repair with the use of heavy-weight mesh and plugs. These procedures are complex and should only be performed by experienced hernia specialists and involves removing the "heavy-weight" mesh and cutting the sensory nerves. If pain still persistes, pain clinic and injections are not likely to help.
See pain doc. I agree with the initial answer. See again specialist. Nerve blocks or nerve lesioning may help. A peripheral nerve stimulator may help. There are multiple medications that may help (cymbalta, lyrica, (pregabalin) neurontin).
Have u seen pain Dr? The origin of your pain is obviously complex, in consideration of the fact that you have had two separate operations without pain relief. Under these circumstances, it is best to see a chronic pain specialist with the hope that they can narrow down the cause of the pain and, ideally, deaden the nerves responsible for such. Good luck.
See pain specialist. You need evaluation by a pain specialist. The initial answer given is correct. A nerve block of the affected nerve will likely help.
Illioinguinal nerve. Your illio inguinal or genitofemoral nerve may have been caught in a suture line.
See pain doctor. There are a number of things that a pain specialist can offer to help this situation.