If I was hit in the eye how long will it take for the blood to clear up?

Varies. Depends if is a microhyphema or vitreous hemorrhage. The amount of hyphema and age makes it vary for days to weeks. Also rebleeds, coagulation issues, can affect the time.
Depends. It depends on the location of the blood. Blood under the surface of the eye, subconjunctival hemorhage, may take 1 week to clear. Blood inside the front of the eye, a hyphema, may clear over a few days, but can be a serious problem and should be followed daily for the first few days. Blood inside the back of the eye, vitreous hemorrhage, can take several weeks to clear.
Cleraing black eye. Evidently the time for clearing of a periorbital hematoma (collection of blood), depends on the amount accumulated, which depends on the nature of the injury. Here what is most important is that there may be consequences from the trauma, such as glaucoma, that can appear even months later! see your eye doc.
Varies. Are you talking about blood around the eye in which case it canvary fro 7 to 14 days- if you are talking about blood inside the eye, itdepends on how much there is and the eye should be seen byan ophthalmologist.
1-2 weeks. Typically 1-2 weeks; it may look bad but it will not harm the eye.
1-2 weeks. Assuming the blood is visible on the white part of your eye, you most likely have a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Think of it like a popped blood vessel and it has now formed a bruise. It will probably change colors like a bruise does. It is no threat to your vision. If you notice new floaters, flashes, curtain in your vision, or significant change in vision, you need to be seen urgently!