I am a man can a vasectomy stop me from getting arouse?

Can enhance pleasure. If you have chosen to get a vasectomy, then you and your partner will not have to worry about the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, which could well mean that you and your partner will both find yourselves deriving greater pleasure from sexual intimacy... It is a very benign procedure, and one that will have no unwanted side effects.
Arousal problems. No. If you are having a problem with arousal, you should see your doctor. Many conditions and medication side effects can cause problems with arousal.
Vasectomy. No...This procedure has no impact on sexual function.
No,... Vasectomy only blocks sperm transportation and will not affect testosterone production and distribution so your ability for sexual arousal, erection, and coitus will not be changed. So, it is important to have proper pre-vasectomy counseling for realistic expectation and acceptance.