What can I do about chronic pain after a hernia surgury, and my pain meds are bearly working....I cannot work be a husband or a father anymore please?

See surgeon. Pain as severe as you describe is very unusual after hernia surgery. See your surgeon.
Lot's of Options. I am sorry to hear about your pain. Many different things may be responsible for the pain including normal post surgical healing, nerve injury, or even a recurrent hernia. It is critical to return to see your surgeon so that they can sort this out. Sometimes, a simple intervention can resolve this pain completely! good luck.
Depends on kind of p. Besides pai from illioinguinal or genitofemoral nerve entrapments many other reasons can cause pain after hernia surgery such as pubic osteitis.
Pain after surgery. This is definitely not normal. You should contact you surgeon and be seen very soon as to why you are having the pain. Is there a complication or an infection. Be persistent about getting answers and help. You should not have to suffer with chronic pain.