I have eye drops for pink eye and it is not working. I am on antibiotics. How can I help it to go away?

Time. Viral conjunctivitis clears with time. Antibiotics only helps to prevent a secondary bacterial infection.
Give it time. In adults, more often than not, pink eye (conjunctivitis) is caused by a virus. This virus is often the same virus that causes the common cold and thus letting it runs its course will often do the trick. Treating conservatively with artificial tears and cool/warm compresses helps as well. If it does not resolve after a few weeks, it could be something else and you should see your eye doctor.
Conjunctivitis. Most pink eye is due to viruses on which antibiotics usually not work. This resolves in 3-4 days, however some pink eye symptoms may be due to allergies for which other drops are needed. If this continues you would need an assessment.