How likely is dying from lymphoma?

Depends what type. There are about 60 types of lymphomas, some very indolent with survival same as normal people, and many with moderate prognosis, with survival measured in 5 to 10 years. Rare few are quite aggressive with survival measured in months or weeks. Best know exactly what kind and the diagnosis by expert will predict probability of survival. Talk to your doc. Lymphoma is a misnomer, it is not one disease.
Which lymphoma? There are many different types of lymphoma- hodgkin's, non-hodgkin's- the agressive lymphoma, indolent etc. Also, not only the type of lymphoma but prognosis will depend on the stage of the disease, the biology of the lymphoma, the treatment received, response to therapy, overall condition of patient etc. For instance, the chance to get hodgkin's lymphoma is 1:400 and 1:2000 die from the lymphoma.