How can get my breast to sit up nice?

Breast lift. If your breasts are droopy, you may be a candidate for a breast lift with or without augmentation.
Breast lift. If you want a more "up lifted" appearance to your breasts, sometimes this is simply "improved" by adding breast implants which can improve sagging or tissue deflation often seen after nursing and pregnancy. If there is more "droopiness" to the breast then a breast lift is likely necessary. Sometimes a breast lift is done in conjunction with a small breast implant.
Depends. A breast lift, breast implants, or both may help. See a plastic surgeon to find out what is best for you.
Proper fitting Bra. There are several surgical options such as breast lift and breast implants. Much can also be done with bra with strategic padding as well as bra insert . Also proper fitting is important.
Depends: If they're large, only a lift would be appropriate. If they are moderately sized, it's possible implants would do enough.
Upright breasts. Best to be seen by a boarded plastic surgeon in your area in an in person evaluation. There the doctor and you can discuss your options.
It depends. Getting your breasts to "sit up nice" depends on a lot of things: do they sag now? Do you have lots of loose skin? Do you have enough volume but its just not in the right place? Sometimes implants alone can make the breasts perk up, sometimes a lift, with or without implants is needed.
Several Options. A consultation with a plastic surgeon is definitely in order. This question can best be answered by someone who can talk with you, examine you, and give you all the options. Perhaps a breast reduction is appropriate if your breasts are too large. A breast lift may be the best option if your breasts are only too low. A breast augmentation may be the best treatment if your breasts are too small.
Implants or Uplift. It depends what you look like and how you want to look. If you're saggy, a lift would help. If not, there's a good chance implants will get you where you want to be.
Breast Implants. It depends on your breast shape. If the breast has lost volume then you will require an implant. If the breast has normal volume but is droopy you will need a lift. Some women will require both. The best way to determine your needs is by making an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon, www.Surgery.Org.
Breast enhancement. Mastopexy is the surgical reshaping of the breaswts with raising the nipple. Usually a breast implant is added to maximize breast projection.