I am thinking of getting breast implants. Iam 5 foot 3 and 145 lbs. What is the largest size I can have without sufferimg back pain.?

I've never had that . ...Complaint even after very large devices were placed. That is not to say i recommend simply getting the largest ones possible. Rather, your current cup size and dimensions plus degree of sagging, willingness to have/ need for lift, etc should be taken into account. If pts think they want implants larger than i think is sensible they have to have extra counseling.
Breast width is key. Breast width is a key factor more than height and weight. Back pain is individual and should be a conversation with your surgeon.
Measurements. Communication with your plastic surgeon will be key. In my practice, i find the use of goal pictures very helpful during this communication process. Show your plastic surgeon what you would like to look like, and what you consider to be too big or too small. Careful dimensional planning/ chest wall measurements will help determine the best breast implant size/profile to help achieve your goals.
Implant size. I disagree with dr. Sisto because I have had patients who complained of back pain after implants. It depends on your back health. Someone with a tendency to back pain may develop problems after even a relatively small implant. Why don't you try wearing a bra stuffer (try rice in baggies) of the size you want 24/7 for several days and see how it feels? I recommend less than 400ccs(2 cups).
Get measured!! Hello, that is not an easy answer. Most plastic surgeons take chest wall measurements to determine what size implants can fit. The issue of back pain can depend on your medical history including: weight, job type, history of back injury, starting bra size, etc. Go see a surgeon certified by the american board of plastic surgery to get measured and see what would work for you. Dr. Shah.
It depends. Implant size depends on the amount of tissue you have that will cover the implant. Proper planning and implant selection helps prevent developing long term complications.
Impossible to Know. A more appropriate question would be this: what size implants are able to be safely placed beneath your breasts? Only a plastic surgeon who examines you, measures you, and discusses the options in detail with you can make the best determination as to the final size you're trying to achieve and the size implants that will fit you. However, it is impossible to predict if you will have back pain.
Very Large. I have had thousands of women get larger breasts without complaining of back aches, and have done hundreds of reductions where the women say their back pain is relieved- kind of confusing, but i would recommend that you stay with a reasonable size- bigger is not always better!
Breast Size. Weight and your back are probably not the limiting factor - for most people, the skin envelop limits what you can get in safely and comfortably. Go to our web site www.Ocps.Com to see examples.
Hard to say. The best way to determine the largest breast implant for your breasts is to measure the width of your breast. Increasing your breast size larger than a c/d cup size may result in back strain.
Everyone's different. Tought questions to answer. Every woman has a different pain threshold and your posture and other underlying medical problems or genetic predispositions could weigh in on the pain symptoms (no pun intended). One can not gurantee cup sizes, but you should see a board certified plastic surgeon who can recommend the size that fits your frame the best as opposed to largest size.
Enlarging breasts. Breast implants are available by volume in cubic centimeters. The average size varies around the country by is about 300 cc.'s, which will increas you bra size from one to two cups. Avoid too large an implant so that you do not have back pain, and that size is best determined by a physical examination.