Why do I have pain in my feet and toes all the time?

Neuropathy. Most probably you have painful peripheral neuropathy. Neurologist may help to diagnose the cause and find appropriate treatment options.
Neuropathy? Constant pain in toes and feet is not normal. See a Doctor for an evaluation.
Foot pain. Foot pain throughout the day makes me think about peripheral neuropathy; especially if you have diabetes.
Neuropathy. If you are dealing with pain that is isolated to your feet and toes, abnormally functioning nerve endings are often the cause. Complications of diabetes is one potential diagnosis but many neuropathy patients don't have diabetes nor other known causes of this pain. Make sure you are not dealing with back issues that travel down the legs to your feet which could mean spinal reasons for the pain.

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My feet have been hurting so bad so much so that the pain woke me up at 2:00 am bad foot pain alot?

See a podiatrist. Make an appointment to see a podiatrist for treatment.
Have it evaluated. Pain may be due to fracture, sprains, arthritis, muscle, nerve or tendon injuries. Have the foot evaluated and get the appropriate care.

Foot pain in my left foot....happens even when off my feet...sometimes wakes me up at night comes and goes....intensified yesterday and today?

Need to be seen. With symptoms you are having, the appropriate treatment would require a detailed examination and history. If there is no history of trauma, the vascular as well as neurological systems are suspect. There is also the possibility of a unresolved stress fracture. To remove all doubt, have a foot specialist evaluate your symptoms.
I would look to see. If there is any issue with your back like a pinched nerve in your back based on the limited info given.

Can I take xanax (alprazolam) for foot pain been on my feet all day?

Xanax, (alprazolam) Foot pain. I understand your need for relief from foot pain. Xanax is not a medication for pain. It is for treatment of anxiety. If the pain is severe, see your physician, providing him complete history. If pain is mild, take Tylenol (acetaminophen). For moderately severe anxiety, you can take Xanax and have Therapy for stresses of relationships, work and finances ; use Relaxation Music and Breathing Relaxation.
Not the solution. Foot pain is not one of the realistic indications for taking Xanax (alprazolam).

I have high arched feet and foot pain on the bottom pads of my feet, what to do?

Orthotics. Semiflexible cushioning type orthotics are the first treatment for high arched feet (pea caves) and the type of pain (metatarsalgia) you are describing. See a podiatrist or an orthopedic foot specialist for a custom prescription. There are many cushioning over the counter inlays you can try first. A jogging shoe with cushioning can help ask for one with a curved last.
Increased pressure. High arch feet have pressure only on the heels, a narrow strip outside of foot and across ball of the foot. An orthotic can help redistribute pressure across the entire foot. Otc pads help only a little. From port jeff station.

Foot pain- is being diabetic related to having a stabbing pain in my feet?

It might. Diabetics can develop neuropathy due to altered function caused by longterm hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugars). See a podiatrist- they can help make this diagnosis, and rule out other causes of pain in the feet.
It can. Be related to diabetic neuropathy.
Possible. If the symptoms are due to diabetic neuropathy, topical capsaicin may be helpful for some, while others may benefit with oral medications. Watch you sugar intake, and have your vitamin b levels checked and supplemented as necessary. Consult with your physician for an appropriate plan of care.

I have heel pain and foot pain on the outside of foot immediately in front of the heel. It seems to get aggravated after running or being on my feet.

A lot there. It sounds as though you are speaking of the area around the base of the fifth metatarsal, cuboid, calcaneus junction. A lot can be going on there including but not limited to inflamed fascia, tendon, an accessory bone or even a stress fracture. You best bet is to see a specialist for an evaluation to sort out all the possibilities.
Varies. There are a number of possibilities and I would not hesitate to be seen. Plantar fasciitis is one of the more common causes of heel pain and usually causes pain "immediately in front of the heel." If you are a runner, a calcaneal stress fracture can be another consideration. A detailed exam and appropriate studies would likely determine the cause.