Could you tell me what are autoimmune diseases that leads to blood clots?

Several! First, all inflammatory autoimmune diseases can increase serum fibrinogen, the major clotting factor-hence they all can increase the chance for a clot, as does inactivity often present. However, two significant diseases are hughes syndrome-antiphospholipid syndrome, and cryoglobulinemia. Blood clots are major clinical features of these conditions!

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I'm confused. Will having autoimmune itp put me at a higher risk of blood clots on hormonal birth control? I thought I have a hard time clotting.

It depends on your clinical status. The finding of itp is just the beginning. We need to know what else is associated with the itp. You're correct sometimes there's decreased clotting. But sometimes we see low platelets with clotting disorders such as the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. This is something you need to clarify with your physician. Read more...