Is there any way to speed up the healing of fracture of phalanx of foot?

Depends. Generally, no. Closed foot phalanx fractures heal in a relatively predictable manner. There are no proven medications or other measures that will speed this up. However, there are some especially severe fractures and open fractures that will heal faster with surgery. There are also a very small number that will go on to nonunion. Nonunions need investigation and tailored treatment.
No. But there are ways of slowing it down like smoking or being overly active on it a good vit d level of >35 will help with healing.
Fracture. Not really - but , as stated it can be slowed by bad habits like smoking and poor diet. Some fractures heal better with surgery and a pin , etc. See your treating physician for any and all questions.

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Displaced fracture of 5th phalanx of foot 4 weeks ago The toe is black, dull pain feels heavy, detached & numb. Skin feels blister like with fluid.

You should see a dr. When you say black..what color are you? Is it black like black and blue? Is there a capillary return in the toe? In any event at four weeks this should be more than 50 percent healed. Was the digit relocated at all. Usually, when relocated it snaps back into place immediately and then should be protected from re dislocating...,see a foot doc . Read more...

What are some treatment options for great toe fracture at the base of the distal phalanx?

Non surgical. Rest ice therapy for 20 minutes of each hour elevation splinting 3-6 weeks until non-tender hard soled shoe and buddy taping fractured toe to adjacent toe use cotton padding between toes and tape together re-tape every 2-3 days repeat xray is optional in non-displaced fractures work-on range of motion until matches opposite good luck. Read more...
Immobilizatioin. Toe strapping and rigid surgical shoe. On occasion if displaced, it may require surgical reduction. Read more...