What are systems that your gallbladder is not working right?

Gallbladder attacks. The gallbladder concentrates bile from the liver and mixes it with food to digest fats in your diet. When the gallbladder is sick, you may feel right sided abdominal and/or back pain with meals, and have tenderness in the right upper abdomen. Worst case is obstruction of the bile ducts when you may become jaundiced (yellow color), have dark urine, tan stools and/or the pancreas may inflame.
Upper abd pain. vomi. Gall bladder stores bile (digestive detergent), which is made in the liver; after eating, esp fats, gb contracts and empties into ducts, which empty into small bowel. If stones develop, and gb doesn't empty normally, stones can get stuck on the way through. Causes pain mid and right upper abd, maybe into back, vomiting maybe yellow eyes, dark urine, fever, .