Dry eye lids?

Dermatitis. This could be a contact dermatitis if itchy, which could benefit from a short course of topical steroid ointment. As dr litt mentioned cosmetics could be the inciting factor. Hypoallergenic cosmetics will be less likely to induce this, such as clinique or almay.
Eczema? Scaly, red, irritated, look for inciting source, have it checked out.
DRY EYELIDS. How long has this been going on? Does it itch? If you are a woman, the most likely reason is a new eye cosmetic. Then there is facial soap or new shampoo or hair rinse.

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I am a 28 year old female. 5 weeks back I started having dry eye lids, I applied cream and oil, but it didn't go. My eye lids as well as the area belo?

Allergic blepharitis. Many cosmetic and some cleaners can be the culprit including just vaseline. Stop all cosmetics around the eyes and use cold compresses only for a week, possibly a topical steroid ophthalmic ointment to hasten this process. Once better a reintroduction of products might help deteine which is the culprit. If persists visit with a dermatologist.

Has anyone with dry eye had eye lid surgery before?

Yes. Depends on type of eyelid surgery. Sometimes the eyelid needs to be repaired to reduce dry eye such as ectropion/entropion repair, and sometimes dry eye is a known complication of eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty or ptosis repair. Should figure out severity of dry eye at baseline and risks/benefits based on type of eyelid surgery.
Dry eye bleph. It is important to address dry eye prior to eyelid surgery because there often is increased evaporation of tears after. I routinely perform a schirmer test (5 minute tear production) before blepharoplasty. I will treat with punctal plugs any patient with less than 10mm of tears. Omega 3s are useful in the long run, but can not be used immediately prior to eyelid surgery due to bleeding risk.
Yes. I tend to be more conservative in this situation. If your eyes are already dry at your age, the biggest concern is that it will get worse as you get older. Assuming we are talking about cosmetic eyelid surgery, you will increase your risk for dryness due to evaporation. If the eyelid is causing the dry eye, such as in an ectropion, then get the surgery done as soon as possible to fix it.

Can hydrocortisone 1% be used for dry skin on the eye lids? If so for how long?

Carefully. Hydrocortisone 1%, despite the disclaimer on the tube, can be used lightly on the lids. Take care to avoid getting it in the eyes. It is not the best remedy for skin that is simply dry but if there is some aspect of eczema or inflammation, it might be helpful.

Small round dry patch on eye lid that itches, what are they?

Several possible. Causes. Need more data like duration of symptoms, severity of itch, whether you use any home remedies. If you want an accurate diagnosis, get it checked.

What eye drop ingredient gives me inflamed eye lids? I tried fresh kote, Dry eye rejuvenation by B&L and Visine tired eye relief. In succession

BAK Preservative. Benzalkonium Chloride is a common preservative in eye drops, including artificial tears. It can cause an allergic reaction in some people if the tears are used frequently. Try preservative-free single use vials of ocular lubricants and you should be okay for frequent dosing. Another alternative are these new electronic misting devices to spray a little cloud of clean water in your eyes. See EyeMD.

My bottom eye lid is swollen. No redness only slight discomfort. Should I be concerned? I use ointment in my bottom eyelid at night for dry eye.

Possible concern. Dry eye is common, can respond well to ointment but does not cause eyelid swelling. Is the tenderness at one spot or diffuse? Is there a palpable nodule? Is this short term or has it been there awhile? Try using very warm washcloths 4-5 times a day on the lid and if it disappears, it was likely a stye. If still present after 4-5 days, have an ophthalmologist look at it.

I got dandruff like dry itchy skin on eye lid plus gave some suggestions?

See below. There are several possibilities. If there is discolored drainage (green, yellow), red eyes, pain or visual changes, you should see a doctor asap. If its only some dry flaking & crusting, try washing your eyelids a couple times a day with a soft warm clean wet washcloth and a few drops very dilute baby shampoo. Alternatively, ocusoft is a prepared eye wipe. Be sure your eye makeup isn't outdated.
Eyelid Dermatitis. The skin over the eyelids is very thin, and is especially susceptible to rashes caused by allergy. I commonly see patients with eyelid rashes in my practice and most people are surprised when they find out the cause of their symptoms. A large portion of these patients have allergic causes to their symptoms, often due to cosmetics or hair care products that they use in everyday.

Can your top eyelids get bigger due to chonic dry eye? Ik I gots oil build up on lash line now but before that I noticed whole top eyelid bigger than lead to noticeable buildup top lashline

Blepharitis. Infection or inflammation at the eyelids along the lashes causes symptoms of what you described, Better have yourself examined to get help.
Dry eye. Have you had a Lipiview? It will tell you why this is happening. Consult with us to help solve this issue. Eyedoc2020.blogspot. Com.