Insomnia 20+yrs. Ambient didn’t work, practice good sleep hygiene, heart check was good, blood work good, so now what? Drs have given up. Is it just the way I’m made? I’m 53 yof. I feel fine during the day. Walk 2 mi QD. Nap sometimeWake 3x a night.

Keep at it. Same wake time daily, 9hr before at most Revise your 30min process to give your body clear msg to relax and fall asleep, -maybe add 100 deep breaths in there. No bright light or screens after 1 hr prior to bed. 400-500mg poqhs-30min before bed magnesium gluconate, citrate or threonate. IF not sufficient , begin with 3mg melatonin , can increase as needed to 15-20mg, if not good enough sleep study.