Dull off and on pain in lower abdomen?

Abdominal pain. There are many explanations for your pain. It is helpful to mention if there are any associated symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, any urinary symptoms. . You should check with your pcp. In many cases , starting with ultrasound of abdomen might be a quick initial screening tool.
Abdominal pain. I would not start with an u/s for lower abd pain, and i would ask a referral to a board certified gastroenterologist.

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E.R. checks appendix. Lower right abdominal discomfort can be from many things. For pain there, appendicitis is always a concern (pain usually worsens over time, with fever coming on). If one is constipated for several days, stool can back up all the way to the right side, and cause discomfort or pain. Gallstones and kidney stones can also cause pain. The Emergency Room doctor can check now. Somebody else should drive. Read more...