I have real trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Is there anything I can do about this?

Low cortisol. The cumulative impact of stress, over time, can lead to dysregulation of the adrenals (the glands that produce cortisol, the stress hormone). During the second half of the night, the levels of cortisol ordinarily increase so that it is not difficult to rise in the morning. When the adrenals are dysregulated, getting out of bed gets very hard. Please consider checking your cortisol levels.
Yes. Again, this may be an issue of restorative sleep. Is your bed comfortable? Are your sheets a mess in am? Others report that you snore? Do you have good sleep hygiene - arising the same time each am, no distractions in evening before sleep onset, not "fighting sleep", turning in when sleepiness "hits you." bright light in the am can coordinate your sleep rhythm. Also help for seasonal blues (sad).