Can cancer be cured?

Complicated Answer. Cancer is just an umbrella where more than 100 different cancers fall under. Each is diagnosed and treated differently. Prognosis is dependent on type of cancer and in stage at time of diagnosis for other cancers. Some can be cured ei: testicular cancer others you can't ei: cll.
Yes and no. Cure for cancer depends on the type of cancer, how early it was found, whether or not it has spread to other parts of the body, how early treatment is started, the type of treatments available, how aggressive the tumor is, the skill of the treating physician (oncologist, surgeon, etc.), and the overall health of the patient being treated. Discuss these with your doctor.

Related Questions

How can cancer be cured in metasis?

You mean stage 4? Once cancer has metastasized (spread to other organs), it is usually considered incurable. There are exceptions: some lymphomas and testicular cancers can be cured with chemo even if advanced. Other advanced cancers can be cured in rare circumstances if the spread is limited and if the patient is treated aggressively, with surgery and chemo +/- radiation. Is that what U were asking?

Can vaginal cancer be cured?

Poor prognosis. Unfortunately, vaginal cancer has a poor prognosis. 80% of vaginal cancers are metastatic (spread) from cancer originating in other organs in the pelvis. If a cancer has already spread, prognosis is usually poor. Overall 5 year survival for vaginal cancer is about 40%. Cancers that are caught early on before they have spread have a better chance of cure.
Yes. As in any cancer if found early it's easier to cure. Therefore small vaginal tumors can be resected. But even advanced vaginal cancer that don't lend to surgery can be treated with radiation and chemotherapy with a possibility of cure (though less). Radiation has external machines and interstitial implants that can be performed that can kill sometimes rather large tumors that have not spread.

How can liver cancer be cured?

Depends. Hepatocellular cancer can be cured in some patients who have limited resectable disease or who qualify for transplantation. Transplant is typically only offered to patients who have single tumors less than 5cm in size or up to 3 less than 3cm. Other techniques like ablation and chemoembolization sometimes work, but have less chance at achieving a cure. Multidisciplinary review is recommended.

Can skin cancer be cured at this point?

Majority are cured. Majority of skin cancer- like squamous cell, basal cell cancer- even melanoma- will be cured with surgical resection- if caught early. However if melanoma/cancerous mole is not caught early and already spreads to other distant organs then that would make it incurable. Other skin cancers such as skin lymphoma (cutaneous t cell lymphoma) - can be also difficult to cure- however it is treatable.
Yes. Curability depends on type of skin cancer and stage, but most ifmdetected early are cured.

Can tongue cancer be cured in 4th stage?

Yes. H&N. Staging is easy to get to iv, and still be cured. Tongue: oral or base? Nodes: bilat, one side? Need chemo and rt doc that like to work together on these cases. Support team for dental, dietary. Don't give up, find people that want to help.
Depends. Cancer it a tricky deal, and I would never say never. It will probably require aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and possible surgical intervention, but it would be best to consult with your oncologist and the oral/maxillofacial surgeon who will be taking care of you.