How do you treat back acne?

Topicals. Usually I advise topical retina with antibiotic gel or cream. The trick is reaching these areas. Also short term antibiotics may help.
Same as acne on face. We treat it the same way we treat it on the face, keratolytics, antibiotics and hygeine.

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What causes back acne and is it completely treatable? Also, will scars eventually disappear?

Bacteria, yes. Sebaceous gland ductal obstruction, secondary infection common. Usually low grade. It not understood completely why. Low dose prolonged antibiotic, local care and vit. Supplement will help.
Complex illness. Acne involving the trunk, like all acne, is a complex, non-lifestyle-related, non-hygiene-related, chronic illness that will eventualy remit with age but at a time that cannot be predicted. Systemic medication is usually required when it's on the trunk. The oral contraceptive pill may be a choice for you. The scars will not disappear on their own; I'm simply sorry you were not treated early.
Treatable. Acne is caused by inheritance, plugging of pores and hormones. It is treatable. See a doctor for treatment options.

How can you treat back acne?

Topical and Oral. There are topical washes (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid preparations) that are often quite helpful. There are also spray on / leave on salicylic and glycolic acid products that can help. Sometimes a combination of topical preparations and oral antibiotics can quiet down the back acne (backne).

How can I treat back acne?

Acne is Acne. Treating back acne is no different than treating acne on any other part of your body. The difficulty with back acne is being able to apply the topical medication to the entire affected area. Because most people have a hard time reaching their backs, many doctors are more likely to start a patient on an oral medication to treat back acne in order to get results.
Same as. Acne everywhere else. Helpful options include salicylic washes, blue light therapy, oral or topical antibiotics - to start. Best to see a dermatologist about this.

How can I treat back acne naturally?

Natural acne therapy. There are ways to naturally resolve acne -- one way is to use special clays or muds to pull toxins from the skin and lymph channels in the face, neck and chest but to truly resolve acne you need to improve liver detox and bile clearance, improve overall GI function, lymph clearance and decrease adrenal stress which can be done in a simple stepwise program along with a change in diet.
Good hygiene. Keeping your skin clean is re single most important approach to minimize clogging if pores and further aggravation of acne. However excessive cleansing can also be bad. Fruit acid peels may help but depend on the condition of your skin. Vitamin a derivatives may also be useful. There are few standardized regimens.

How can I effectively treat back acne?

Systemic Rx. Acne on the trunk usually requires systemic rx in addition to the topical agent (s) normally used. Tetracycline 500 2x/day is one of many options. More severe acne may require isotretinoin. All acne can be managed nowadays.

Can there be a sure way to treat back acne?

Hard stuff. Acne on the trunk responds poorly to topicals. A systemic antibiotic is worth trying; if this fails, Isotretinoin may be required. Acne's not lifestyle or hygiene related, and it's treatable. Good luck.

I have severe back acne. I treated it before but now it's back. It's I thy and so painful. I forgot the medication I used help!

Benzoyl peroxide 10% I would try a 10% benzoyl perozide wash or creme for starters on the face and back for one month, apply twice a day. Your skin may get pink and peel a bit, then your new acne should decrease in the second month. The next step would be a retin a (tretinoin) product if you are not happy within the month with your improvement. We can prescribe through a Prime Visit.

How to treat back acne?

Benzoyle peroxide. The biggest problem with treating back acne is getting someone to help you get the medicine onto the affected area. I like benzoyle peroxide wash with each shower. Towel dry and then Erythromycin 2% gel rubbed in for thirty seconds. Over the counter 2% salicylic acid in a spray form onto the back works well too. In my practice I use the acleara laser to treat the lesions; they almost disappear.

What are some tips for how to treat back acne?

Acne Therapy. Acne treatments work by reducing oil production, speeding up skin cell turnover, fighting bacterial infection, reducing the inflammation or doing all four. With most prescription acne treatments, you may not see results for four to eight weeks, and your skin may get worse before it gets better. There are topicals like ziana and epiduo and oral medication like solodyn (minocycline). See your dermatologist.