Help please! Is botox into the eye muscle possible to correct a small squint?

Not really. If you are referring to a misalignment of the eyes, then Botox can be used for this. Botox wears off so it is not very effective. A small misalignment can be corrected surgically. See an ophthalmologist to discuss your options.
Botox for squinting. Botox is extremely helpful to relax the "squint lines" around the eyelid for cosmetic reasons. If it is a tic-like squinting that is involuntary, this might be blepharospasm and is something that might be covered by your insurance.
Information. It is possible to get improvement. But you must be careful not to overdue it for fear the eyelid will not work at all. Remember the eylid is for the protection of the eye. An eylid that wil not close wil lead to extreme dryness and corneal ulders which can lead to corneal scar and blindness treatable only with corneal transplant.

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Is botox into the eye muscle possible to correct a small squint, or might you end up with a different squint?

Yes and yes. Botox will relax (paralyze) the muscle it is injected into. It can also spread and relax muscles that were not supposed to get relaxed. Furthermore, untreated muscles surrounding the injection site can be come stimulated to the point where they are contracting too much. In other words, it's tricky. Make sure your injector has lots of experience with this kind of injection. Read more...
Yes. Injecting the right amount of Botox in the right areas can help. Sometimes you can replace one muscle expression with another depending on which muscle groups are injected and whether the contralateral or opposing muscle groups become stronger in response. Read more...