Why does my throat hurt? Don't have a cold or sore throat, do have allergies that can affect my throat but haven't had issues with that in a long time. I do take Benadryl and Claritin every day. A neighbor has been smoking pot, heard it could be smok

Allergy testing . Your symptoms ay be caused by a number of conditions, including allergic reactions, smoking and possibly even malignancy. Please see your PCP and discuss a referral to ENT and
/ or an allergist.
Avoid all smoke! Exposure to smoke (of any kind, including candles), aerosols, fragrances, room deodorizers and diffusers can all irritate the skin and respiratory tract, including the throat. Stay away from the pot smoker when he's smoking, and all other scents & aerosols. It is a good idea to avoid perfumes and scented body and laundry products and all fabric softeners for now, till you are better. See a doc.