Doctors can you tell me when should your knee recover from meniscus tear surgery?

Repair vs debrided? If you underwent a partial removal of the torn portion of the meniscus (partial mensicectomy), your recuperation period would generally be quicker than if you underwent a repair of the torn meniscus (meniscal repair). Jogging is routinely allowed by 3-4 months after meniscectomy, and after 4-6 months when it is repaired. Underlying arthritis (cartilage loss) would also slow your recovery.

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18 yr old female with a possible meniscus tear. Do you recommend surgery? Will I be in an knee brave immobilizer? How long until I can drive after?

Yes/no/maybe. It depends how bad the tear is and which meniscus. Many meniscal tears can be treated with physical therapy alone. I would start by seeing an orthopedist or sports medicine dr, possibly getting an MRI to see exactly what's going on inside, and try pt. Many surgeries can be prevented with pt. Read more...