My one year old baby has 6 teeth. Do I need to brush his teeth? Which toothpaste to use?

Yes . We hope you start when the first one erupts. Delay can lead to lots of fights when you start. However, now is fine. There are many fluoride free baby toothpastes available but you need to look for them. Babies need to be taught to spit out toothpaste to avoid too much fluoride intake. Some will use fluoride toothpaste but the amount would be the size of a grain of rice. .
Baby's dental care. I'm delighted that you are so caring. Important that you start with an examination by your Dentist or a pediatric dental specialist, a Pedodontist. Pedodontist will evaluate dent-facial growth and development, teach you appropriate infant oral hygiene, help you select correct t'paste and amount to use, evaluate fluoride levels, etc. Age 1 = 1st Dental Examination. Please call now.